Situated at the confluence of the Panatrin and Konklin rivers, Kokkinopolis has grown rich from trade, and has used that wealth to buy a military capable of dominating a great deal of territory, known as the Kingdom of Man Tillat. Although their military might has waned in recent years, the Kingdom and city are thriving.

The city is the seat of the King of Man Tillat. The throne has been vacant since the Day of Darkness. Currently, the city and Man Tillat is ruled by an uneasy alliance of the Order of Crimson, the Temple of the True Flame, the Clothmakers Guild, the Red Army, and several powerful merchant houses. If any faction could gain pre-eminence, they would probably claim the throne for themselves.

About 5,500. Mostly freemen, the Mal Tillat tradition of enslaving prisoners of war has mainly fallen by the wayside in the absence of war. Still, maybe 300 slaves, prisoners, and other bonded laborers live in the city.

There are seven broad districts within Kokkinopolis
The Citadel
Built on a bluff overlooking the convergance of the Panatrin and Konklin rivers, the Citadel is the heart of the city, the home of the Order of Crimson and the Castle of Man Tillat. From here, the King of Man Tillat rules.
The enormous Temple of the True Flame perches on the Westhill. Around it, the wealthy and powerful of the city live. Generals of the Army, merchant princes, and and several red mages make their homes here.
Weavers District
When the Order of Crimson first came to Kokkinopolis, they brought with them skilled artisans to make their brilliant red cloaks. The Weavers district is till home to weavers, dyers and tanners. The alchemists of the Order are also located here.
In the past, merchant ships would pull onto the sandy beaches beneath the Citadel to trade. Now most of the beaches have been replaced with docks, and this district is filled with warehouses and the poorer shipping merchants.
River Market
On the west side of the city, across the Panatrin River from the Citadel, the River Market is the hub of trade between Kokkinopolis. Major markets are held here daily, and most merchant houses who do not rely on shipping are based here, as are many major inns.
Before the second wall was built, Oldtown and Beachport were one large town. Since the wall went up, Beachport has thrived while Oldtown has declined. Now Oldtown is a maze of streets and dilapidated buildings.
East and West Outgates
In the years since the Magepact has been in force, it has become less necessary to huddle within the cities walls. Nouveau riche merchants have built large houses here. Also here cheep inns, open fields for those even cheaper, and more or less permanent temporary camps of gypsies. Outside the city upstart guilds can try to get a toehold, although it is slow going against the entrenched power of the Clothworkers. Small shrines and makeshift temples of nonrecognized faiths are also permitted in the Outgates.

Power Groups/People
Order of Crimson – The most prominent faction of the city, and one which has sought to rule, the collapse of the monarchy has worked to the detriment of the order goals as it provided an opening for other groups to rise. The Order see themselves as the natural leaders of Man Tillat, and indeed the world if it came to that.
Guild of Clothworkers – The collapse of the traditional power centers of the city following the Day of Darkness allowed both the merchant houses and the Guild to assert themselves. No longer under the heel of the order, the Guild is not very inclined to bend at the knee again.
Temple of the True Flame – The High Priestess of the Temple sought to promote herself following the Day of Darkness as the natural leader of the city. Since the Temple and the Order were so closely associated, it merely meant that neither could effectively sieze control, and the new arrangement came into being.
Red Army – In the time of the king, the Red Army was loyal to the King of Man Tillat, not to the crimson order. With no king, the Lord Commander makes policy, but does not tie himself too directly to any faction.
Merchant Houses -

Points of Interest
Panatrin Ford
When Man Tillat was attempting to conquer, it was necessary to build roads. While the Panatrin could not be bridged, it was possible to install permanent chain across the river to which barges could be attached and towed. These days convicts work the massive treadmills that pull the barges, but in years past slaves and prisoners of war served in that capacity.

The Choke
The walls of Kokkinopolis try to enclose the city. Across the Panatrin River two towers stand, and between them the massive chain of the choke. It can be raised or lowered to cut of all ship traffic along the river.

The Day of Darkness
Two decades ago the Valira the Mad stormed the city, killing the king, putting the crown prince to flight, defeating several prominent members of the Order, and seizing control of the city. Unfortunately, Valira was extremely unstable, and the secrets she pried from the Order’s library only increased her madness. She departed Kikkonoplis as suddenly as she arrived, leaving chaos and confusion in her wake.

The Day of Darkness weakened the Order of Crimson severely. Prior to Valira’s rule, it was conceivable that the Order could resist signing the Magepact, and would be able to defend themselves against the combined magical forces of the signatories. Her destructive reign, however, gave time to the Magepact to establish itself and marshall its forces more effectively. When Valira departed, the Order was unable to immediately sieze control of the city and was forced to sign the accord or risk extinction as the Magepact aided the Order’s internal enemies in gaining control of the city and kingdom. Even now, the order cannot fight both the Magepact and the other city factions.


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