The Univercity

The Archmage of Southeast Tolarian State College is the de facto ruler of the Univercity. While there is a hereditary baron of the city who appoints the Archmage, the Archmage is elected by the College, and the baron is unable to decline the college’s choice, or indeed, to have any input into the selection.

About 3,500, of whom 500 are directly connected to the College, either as students or staff. Another 500 are permanent resident foreigners drawn to the academic melange of the city, or serving the same.

The College commands most of the cash inflow in the city. People travel from all over South East Tolaria to study there and to learn. In addition, the Univercity controls two profitable ports, the one in the city itself, and the ruined port at Harcourt which houses the city’s small but effective fishing fleet,. Rich farmland of the interior feeds the people of the city, and a brisk trade exists between the Univercity and Durmstrang, upriver.

Important People/Power Groups
The mundane aristocracy has been making a comeback since the advent of the Magepact. Without the threat of magical anihilation, the people are becoming more comfortable with secular power.
The College Council is also extremely influential, and chooses new Archmages when necessary. In theory, every professor of the college is a member of the council, although in practice 2/3rds ignore the whole business.


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