Chapter One

Chapter One: The Magepact

Oracle: a Nest of Vipers
5D: The solemnization of treaty between two neighboring principalities, negotiated in the face of brutality and assassination, doomed.
5H: The college of a small but prestigious magical order
AD: A great convocation of mages, with many orders attending
10D: The written deed to a certain house, affirmed and sealed

Characters introduced
Balashi, a wizard of the College (Eric)
Adrian, a student of the College (Bill)
Kalos, an envoy of Durmstrang (Richard)
Saba, an assassin serving Kalos (Dave)

Ubun Hai, an envoy of the Order of Crimson
Margo, an assassin serving Kalos
Hanuk, Archmage of the College
Beletsanu Ayad, a wizard of the College

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Chapter One

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