Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Assault on Citadel of Flame

Oracle: the Unquiet Past
JS: A knowledge-mad sorceress, delving into ancient secrets
8H: The son of a great tyrant, born crippled and denied his inheritance
7C: A ruthless bully of an under-officer with high ambitions
6C: The burglary of a magical order’s innermost library

Valira, a sorceress seeking ancient powers (Eric)
Black Jack, a petty thief, in over his head (Richard)
Major Lars, a military police officer (Dave)

Kurk Saluum, King of Man Tallat, dying
Kurk Tama, his son, crippled
Mors, Captain of the Citadel
Ubun Hai, leader of the Order of Crimson
Riogina, chief librarian of the Order of Crimson

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Chapter Two

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